James Clouse

James ClouseJames Clouse has an innate sense for problem solving, organization, cost reductions and management.  During his 40 plus years as a facilities operations director, process engineer, physical plant director, and tool and die maker, he has experience in the automotive and health care facilities, 5 S’s and many other similar improvements.

His inherent ability to transform struggling businesses into thriving entities has given him a solid foundation of the essential skills required for such programs as preventative maintenance, property development planning, project management, along with the elimination of waste and a variety of other programs.

Jim has traveled to India and Canada to assist factories to help solve quality control problems and improve production methods.

Most recently Jim completed a $5.7 million renovation project for the Veterans Home.  During this project he was instrumental in savings the Veterans Home thousands of dollars through cost reductions and the elimination of waste. Similarly, in the automotive industry he was able to use his skills to help improve quality, housekeeping, safety and productivity by implementing his skills and determination to improve the bottom line.

Every project Jim has been involved with he has sharpened his skills and has seen ways to further improve the next project.  He has received a variety of awards recognizing his achievements and is ready and willing to help your organization improve in these types of projects.

Other projects that Jim has been associated with include:

Renovation of a 70 room Sleep Inn and Suites which included the complete removal of all items and the replacement of carpet, furniture, and repairs as needed.

He managed a team in the automotive industry that completed a successful million square foot expansion project.  The scope of the project included buying two 300 ton stamping presses, setting them up, and running parts to be released for production.

He developed a transfer system to progress parts through the press to eliminate waste and improve productivity by 35% and cost of the part by 55%.

Jim was involved in Improving the safety of an automotive metal samping plant from being rated in the worst 20 facilities to being rated one of the best, when this plant went four years without one lost time accident.