Hotel Operations

Hotel OperationsWe have over 50 years of experience in operations of full service and limited service hotels, where we have won many awards for guest services and cleanliness. We can help bring your operation to its maximum potential while receiving great guest reviews and improving your bottom line.

Front Desk:  We will work with your desk clerks to ensure the best customer service while getting the best rate.  We can review and implement proper room blocking to ensure guest satisfaction and proper use of housekeeping personnel.  We will share with your clerks how to answer and sell on the telephone, and understand how to handle guest complaints positively to help business grow.

Sales and Marketing:  We will help develop a marketing plan and develop a training program to ensure its success. We will teach ways to encourage and motivate your employees to be sales professionals.  We can assist in developing a social media program or enhancing your existing program.

Housekeeping Team:  We will work with the housekeeping staff to ensure cleaning times meet the standards while also ensuring guest satisfaction.  We will share with them how to go the extra mile while completing their normal duties.  We will explain the safety and security concerns and what to do in various sitations. We will help them increase the likelihood of receiving a tip, thereby motivating them further.

Maintenance Personnel:   We will explain and help develop a preventive maintenance schedule.  We will share why and how they fit into the overall guest satisfaction picture, and how it positively affects the company, and their position.  We will review and discuss safety and security concerns.

Management Personnel:  We will work with your team to develop an overall picture of the hotel, how it is today and what it can be tomorrow.  We will assist them in setting goals and developing plans to meet them.  We will identify areas where they can improve profits while ensuring guest satisfaction. We will work with them to develop a self-improvement plan, and we will answer questions about operations.

Owners:  We will review the property and the overall operation and give the owner feedback on how to improve guest satisfaction and profitability.  We will give clear and usable feedback on key personnel.  We can also provide assistance with Property Improvement Plans, completing them in a timely manner and on budget.

It's All About Service Consulting, LLC

We can help with any of these vital training and development programs and help create long term solutions to a variety of problems we all face every day.

  • Hospitality Training
  • Hotel Operations
  • Property Renovations
  • Brand Development
  • Guest Customer Service 
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Team Building
  • Business Plans
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plans

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